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Cotton Star Camping is a new venture, born from a love of a lifetime of camping!  For over 40 years we have both camped, separately with families and friends all over the UK and abroad.  


We met a few years ago, in a business networking meeting (yawn!) and we talked about our then existing careers.   We both discovered fairly quickly that ‘what we really wanted to do’ was very much the same which led us, happily, to where we are now.  


Cotton Star Camping Events was fashioned out of nostalgic memories of happy, carefree holidays and made real so that you can create your own magical memories, in a beautiful place, where regular camping is not available.  


Our site is idyllic; a place to be and connect with nature in a lovely green field within a woodland, adjacent to a dam; a genuine picture postcard setting!  Easy access to the nearby village of Bradfield and the wider Peak District National Park makes is a perfect place for anyone with a love of the great outdoors!  


We believe every child should have the chance to go camping and be part of a wonderful and organic experience. It is an opportunity for the family to spend quality time together in an environment where the clock stops, city life is left behind and new adventures begin.  Our camping events offer you the opportunity to bring a tent and give your family and friends some of the best times of their life!  


It’s a fun experience, but you have to let your usual daily routines dissipate.  And they soon will…as your biological clock is reset to rise with the morning sunshine, beaming into your tent with a glow of warmth.  A fresh cuppa, is always the first call of the day and the kiddies well, they are just straight out of the tent door to play.  What could be better?  


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